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Tell me I shouldn't join a Forex group...

Some work friends joined one of those scammy looking Forex signal groups recently. You get a telegram group and you give them control of your Forex account. They make trades and you give them 25% of your profit.
Some of them made £1,000 last month and some made over £1,000 the month before. They've shown me a link to a Forex website that verifies trades and it seems this company has been making between 7 and 15% profit every month for two and a half years.
What gives? It seems to good to be true of course. But the company is registered, the profits are apparently verified by this external site, I've seen evidence with my own eyes. I've dug deep into this and there are actually lots of these FX algorithms that make a more respectable 5% or so every month as opposed to the gold plated Aston Martin, rented private jet, Instagram crew.
I'm having serious FOMO but something tells me I'm going to get burnt.
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EUR/USD forecast: Dollar should survive before it thrives

EUUSD forecast: Dollar should survive before it thrives

Fundamental U.S. dollar forecast for today

Investors do not believe in the U.S. economy and sell off the U.S. dollar

When the U.S. economy looks like a bubble, the dollar can’t but fall. Investors have not been confused by the biggest rise of the U.S. manufacturing PMI since February 2019. The U.S. employment in the private sector added 165,000 jobs in July, sharply missing expectations of more than 1 million new jobs. The number of jobless claims, according to the experts polled by the Wall Street Journal, should continue rising. When people had money granted by the government, they spent it. Now, they have run out of money. Democrats and Republicans can’t reach an agreement on the extra financial aid package, and this is a big problem.

Dynamics of U.S. employment

Source: Wall Street Journal
The $600 unemployment boost expired on July 31. It will result in a sharp decline in household spending and a slowdown in the U.S. GDP recovery. In the middle of summer, over 12 million people received benefits, which allowed them to pay rent, utilities, auto, and other loans. Now, financial aid has finished, and the debts continue growing.
The unemployment benefits, supporting consumer spending, is only the tip of the iceberg. The US labor market is weak, which kills the hope for the V-shaped GDP rebound. According to the poll of the National Federation of Independent Business, about 20% of firms plan to lay off workers after using the loans from the Paycheck Protection Program. According to Cornell University, one in four workers, recruited back through the program, received a notice that they could be fired again.
The grim outlook of the U.S. economy contrasts with the confidence in a soon rebound of the euro-area GDP, which is signaled by the euro-area PMI report, which is stronger than the flash data.

Dynamics of euro-area PMIs

Source: Bloomberg
According to the Societe Generale, there is no doubt the dollar has made a cyclical turn now and should continue falling amid the current Fed’s monetary policy stance and the outlook for the U.S. growth over the next few years. 33 of 62 experts surveyed by Reuters said the USD bear trend would continue for at least another six months. 15 analysts, said it would be less than six months. While 11 said it would be less than three months, just three respondents said it was already over. The consensus view suggests the EUUSD will be trading at 1.18 in August 2021, which is the highest in a year.
In my opinion, the market is too fast. It starts pricing the weak data on the U.S. nonfarm payrolls in July. As a result, volatility risks are growing. The euro could grow first, and, next, it could fall even faster, as big traders should be exiting longs. However, we should see the publication of the U.S. jobless claims data, which can push the EUUSD up above 1.192. I recommend holding the long positions opened at level 1.173 and preparing for exiting a part of trades.
For more information follow the link to the website of the LiteForex
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Automated (Algorithmic) trading for all

Hi all,
I was wondering what you guys think about trading automatically through the means of automated execution of trading signals. I know it can be quite complicated to figure out especially one looks for strategies that include algorithmic trading for example with forex. However, I'm looking at all categories, mainly including automated strategies for stock trading. The only requirement I have is that the signals are not selected by a human but rather automatically picked based on some set rules.
My main question is about the interest people have to trading stocks in an automated fashion. And what your current experiences are with this? Are there any platforms you have found that you use and what are your experiences with those? I'm not so much looking for the experience you have with selling/renting out your strategies but rather those you have with acquiring them.
It would fun to find like-minded individuals.
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My journey growing my passive income: Forex copy trading

Dear passive_income redditors,
For years I searched ways to enable me to earn enough passive income to cover my daily expenses. I have tried literally everything online I could get my hands on, not all of them being 100% passive. Matched betting and value betting for example made me a couple of grand, but were about 10 minutes a day and were not scalable at all since I got limited very quickly. Crypto investing made me some good money, but also a lot of stress since it was the Wild west in comparison with traditional investing and days could turn out to double your investment or half your investment. Besides that I purchased a real estate property partly from my job earnings and partly from my crypto realized gains and am starting to rent it out (I know, we can debate whether real estate is passive, but that is not the intention of my post). Things that lost me money were dropshipping businesses, Facebook ads, and a lot of other silly stuff.

But I found a hidden gem to make passive income easily. Earlier this year, around March I came across copytrading within the Forex market. I started in April 2019 with a deposit of $5,000. Today, June 12th, it's worth $5,800+. On average I got a 7-8% return in April and May on my deposit. While this is immense, it's more conservative to aim for a return of around 5% a month.
The idea is as follows: you copy the trades a professional and profitable trader makes by automating the process using optimal software. You pay a monthly fee to cover for the traders' signals and connect a VPS to these two. I'm not a technical guy at all so I pay a legit business 25% of my net earnings to set it up for me and monitor it daily. They also fix your account when errors appear once in a while with the software. This way your accounts follows a masters' account managed by this professional trader and just copies his trades automatically. The traders you can choose from have historical track-records. The one I follow averaged about 6.7% compounded monthly since the start of his account in 2015. Resulting in a total gain of about 1850%-1900%. This is a 19x initial investment in 4 years. By using welcome deposit bonuses that different Forex brokers offer, you could double the gain or halve the risk (something I definitely do). This method is 100% passive and there is no chance of someone being able to access your money since the trader that provides the signals never has access to your account. Your funds are between you and the Forex broker you sign up with. So you are at control of your money 24/7 and able to close trades whenever you want as well (not optimal to do).
Is it too good to be true?
If you think this, I can't blame you. I always read these scams of Forex people on social media and I've experienced different ''too good to be true'' situations in my life. But remember, your capital can't never be accessed and these people have track records. In the 9-10 weeks I participated now, every week was profitable. Highest drawdown that occurred was about 6% (which is only virtual). So don't take it from me, but try it. Keep in mind that the only downside is with a 5% return and the monthly costs of 75EUR you have to have a capital of around $5,000 to start with to be able to make good returns and let it compound up.
TLDR: copied someones trades in the Forex market using automatisation software. Paid 75EUR a month and made 16% in 9 weeks without doing anything.
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Those of you who are far more experienced that i am, what are some red flags you can let everyone here know when traders try to sell newcomers "signals" or "training"

I go through my instagram and see all these people selling "training" and courses to learn forex.
The group like astroforex was caught being a little more than they should have. with proof that their cars were rented. Or with FIP (forever in profit) being a pyramid like scheme or Copy profit share.
Have any of you heard of these people?
To those of you who are more experienced and have been doing this for years. What do you all think of groups like this selling signals to new traders that dont know much about trading?
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Start 2: 8th Failed Attempt and going for the 9th

In my previous post, I started my ventures to make some money. So here's my progress:

Income Stream No. 1: Forex

The system failed and kinda blew my $100 deposit on it. What I've learnt is that:
Did more reading and found that there's a better way to test, build and test again before I can begin selling signal subscription in the MQL market. My next step is to try and implement a Kumo Breakout with IKH. I'm keeping my strategies as simple as possible while the success metrics is that its self-sustainable on its own with less of my own intervention. I can simply test without having to go with a broker first to get my strategy working with quality data (i.e. without renting a VPS and downloading all of the data to my machine for backtesting). By utilising, I can just download all of the Dukascopy tick data and then back test from there. Of course, this is going to be different if I were to trade with a broker account because spreads. Will adjust later but for now, I have to focus on building my signal service.

Income Stream No. 2: Amazon

I have to cancel this and won't follow-through. Instead I'm moving towards Income Stream No. 3 instead. Problem was that I didn't find the time to contact suppliers and ask for rebranding or customization on interested items that I would to sell and resell on Amazon FBA. Family came first so... yeah...

Income Stream No. 3: SaaS

Good news, it's almost ready. Building a multi-tenant app with Django was very tasking on my time especially with the setup. I've had bumps in the past month with my machine not being able to load the configuration set up for my Postgresql Database. I was trying to build a High Availability Cluster set up but it took too long, so I'll have to build that part later. Deploying on AWS is harder than I thought though. Damn security groups, couldn't load properly. I guess I have to hit up Youtube tutorials on AWS for being such a noob.
Bad news, is whats pending at the moment an activated Stripe account. I'm still waiting for my LLC to go through its approval process (registered with a Delaware agent) and should come at any time soon. Once I have an LLC registered, I should be able to apply for an EIN at the same time. So until that happens, I'll need to quickly build my SaaS app with a test Stripe account until it's MVP ready.

In the End

If at first you don't succeed, try again after you learn your mistake(s). Even if it means blowing your deposit and sacrificing sleep!
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Emilio J. Lujan - Forex - Los desayunos de capital - Intereconomía Business TV How to read forex signals. Necessary guidelines when ... Simple & Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy (FREE EA) REACT I Paid Fiverr to Day Trade for Me Biaheza Forex Trading Signals: How to Use Signals to Trade MQL5 Signal Setup Free Online Job 18th Video Training - Fx Trading Signal - Place for Rent

Rent a Signal is one of the smaller signal/trade following providers in the market. The group behind the firm, operating out of Spain, is the same that also manages forex-tsd and forexppc. Apparently the service is going to be discontinued within days – the reason is not known however it’s not hard to guess that the service wasn’t profitable. According to our sources Rent a Signal (a NFA ... Start your own Forex signal service. by Richard Brase. January 17, 2020. in Forex Signals, Forex Trading Strategies. 0. 1. SHARES. 11. VIEWS. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. If you are a successful trader that is constantly yielding profits, I would advise you to start your signal service and become a signal provider, in that way you can earn an additional income. Setting up a signal ... Natürlich erzielt nicht jedes Forex Signal auf Dauer Gewinn (oder überhaupt), man muss bei Rent a Signal zuerst die besten Signale miteinander intensiv vergleichen. Tipps für ein gutes Forex Signal bei RAS: - permanent ansteigender 90 Tage Equity Chart, z.B. wie bei SystemsFx. Forex Signal kaufen - Chart von SystemsFx. Zugegeben, RAS Rent a Signal zu kündigen bzw. zu löschen ist nichteinmal so einfach. Hier möchte ich euch kurz zeigen, wie ihr euer Forex System bei RAS kündigt. This is a forex signal service which at the first glance looks appealing. They offer free signals and payed signals. A few of those payed signals are truly expensive, up to $200 monthly. I subscribed to one of those signals, because I was impressed of its statistics, and I thought it must be damned good for that price ($150 monthly). This vendor opened a GBPJPY trade long, when it was ... A signal provision service, although not legally responsible, does, i think, have some moral responsibility for ensuring that a signal provider does describe themselves adequately and then adhere to there promises to trade responsibly - things like enforcing replication off live accounts would help, along with attempting to stop provider "churn", complete tradiing histories and a million other ... Rent A Signal is a service where you subscribe (pay) for offered signals to automatically trigger trades on your account. There are various signals available ranging… Read more. Top Performing EA’s. Name Monthly Chart; Flex EA Stoch RSi Close: 147.96%: Flex EA - EMA Far Apart v3: 24.39%: Flex EA TDI Default: 21.37%: Flex EA Default + TDI: 21.37%: Happy Frequency EA: 18.87%: View all: Top ...

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Emilio J. Lujan - Forex - Los desayunos de capital - Intereconomía Business TV

1 to 1 Forex Coaching, a bespoke course that tailor-made to your learning speed. PIRCE: $1000USD (Unlimited Lesson, Lifetime forex signal, Free Automated EA) job site Home Based online digital marketing business service with Forex trading Signal Service and Website Ads Banner Place Rental Service D... Entrevista realizada por José Cavero, en el apartado "Los desayunos de Capital" de Intereconomía Business TV, el 25/11/2010 a Emilio J. Luján, CEO de Rent a Signal y Forex Natural, sobre FOREX ... How to Analyze a Fix-and-Rent Property BiggerPockets BRRRR Calc - Duration: 25:15. ... Free Forex Signals - Duration: 7:58. forexmechanics 933 views. 7:58. LIVE FOREX TRADING: ASIAN SESSION 6-30 ... Tutorial Step by Step for Subscribe to Forex Copy Trade to MQL5 Signal - Duration: 16:11. Sarby 1,112 views. 16:11. Forex Trading Signals: How To Create Your Own - Duration: 14:35. ... Should you Use a Forex Signals Service? Truth Revealed! 💲📈 - Duration: 13:55. ... Noob Buys his Second Rental House at 19! [Biaheza Reaction] - Duration: 19:15. Meet Kevin 269,799 views. 19 ... How to read forex signals - necessary guidelines when trading forex. This video is a great help for all those who want to trade forex without any experience ...